Welcome To Polycom Development Project

Polycom was started in response to the sexual violence and exploitation faced by young girls in Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi.

Polycom has been active in working with girls for 10 years. It has strong partnerships in the community with schools and with the media, especially local radio stations. Polycom has successfully held a number of large, open events that demonstrate its presence on the ground, with committed volunteers who are beneficiaries who have come up through the programmes.


Polycom plays a key role in promoting good governance, National Cohesion, Women Socio-Economic Empowerment and empowering the minority groups.These can only be achieved through building long stronger long lasting partnerships with current donors/Partners while also building new partnerships.


Our dedicated volunteer teams working in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya have been campaigning, working in networks with local communities to address issues affecting women and the vulnerable groups in communities. We make sure that our efforts are in right direction and reaches those in need. We keep the safety and security of volunteers at topmost of our priorities, also we provide you facilities like food and traveling.


Polycom can provide you a great opportunity to reach out and make a real difference to the world! .  We offer  opportunities for you to improve and advance your professional development. Regardless of your education level, We believe that there are many ways to get involved in building the community.

Talking Boxes

Heart to heart sharing through annonymous notes culminating into building of key skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and positive life choices.


Focuses on promoting responsible use of public toilets. Consideration the vulnerability of girls in contracting diseases when exposed to dirty toilets.

Educate A Girl

We are keen on ensuring post primary education for all willing girls. We Mobilize friends and wellwishers to cater for education of needy girls through their high school.

Sports For Peace

sport for change
Polycom uses football and volleyball coaching to initiate discussions on issues affecting women and girls. This Program is also aimed to promote peaceful co-existence


28 years old Single mother of three children who do not stay with her because she doesn’t have a job, she stays with her sister and her 2 children in her one room house in Kibera. I used to be a good soccer player but discovered that I am very good in Volleyball when Polycom introduced it, this is my talent, I want to play and join the national team..
Mercy Sophie Echusa