Education For All

Bright students from poor families, is the only language spoken by those with scholarships for students. But how do we decide that a student is not bight enough to pursue his/her post primary education? Polycom Development Project has chosen to go for the “Students willing to pursue their post primary education from poor families. This project gives girls who are very eager to pursue their education and opportunity to study, by connecting them with friends and well wishers willing to support them.

Brenda Kalekye

brenda kalekye

18 years old, Living with her grandmother, lost both parents

Celestine Sifa

celestine sifa

18 years old, lost both parents, living with an aunt.

Sharon Akoth

sharon akoth

16 years old, lost both parents, living with a very old grandmother

Irene Ochieng

irene ochieng

16 years old, both parents alive but very needy. Father serious drunkard, mother

Nelly Awuor

nelly achieng

17 years old, single parent, mother doing laundry for neighbours.

Envy Kasudi

envy kasudi

15 years old, mother dead, father not supportive, very needy.

Celestine Onyango


18 years old, both parents dead

Winnie Ochieng


17 years old single mother, both has no work, just a small peasant.

Winnie Achieng


Both parents dead