Polycom Development Project in collaboration with the US Embassy hosted an International Womens Day in Kibera to celebrate Jane Anyango who is an Alumni of the state sponsored International Visitor Leadership Programme – IVLP. US Ambassador to Kenya Bob Godec was the chief guest.

In her welcoming Remarks, Anyango urged development partners to adapt a participatory approach towards development where the beneficiaries are fully engaged in the process from the inception stage. She also talked about focus and support to community lead initiatives to promote sustainability. In her owns words she said, “we are the people with the issues and its only through us that we can get the solutions, therefore involve.” She remarked that the struggle of a grassroots woman is a struggle within struggle, as she is responding to issues touching on her own life with no or at times very minimum resources.

Jane introduced the International Women Peace Group and urged leaders to sign up and support the movement to collect signatures in support of the International Law on Cessation of War.

The Ambassador mentioned that his government and office will continue to support in fighting (S)GBV. He appreciated the commitment of community women in ending VAW. ┬áCarole Nyambura in her statement encouraged the women to come out and claim their positions of leaderships. She reminded the audience of Jane’s struggle that have made her to reach the global platforms. She reaffirmed her commitment to fighting (S)GBV and support for the grassroots.


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