International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. This day is commemorated on 8th of March every year.


Polycom Development Project (PDP) will on Tuesday 8th March 2016 bring together women/girls liviing 3 informal settlements in Nairobi to Kibera to Commemorate the International Womens Day with a focus on fighting Sexual and Gender Based Violence which is a great problem women and girls face. Under the theme of “Engaging Women in Ensuring their Safety,” PDP will create a platform for women and girls to discuss what has worked, what has not worked and discuss how they can make their communities safe. PDP has taken a preventive approach of fighting sexual violence through mapping of sexual harassment in public spaces and working with the communities to make the mapped spaces safe. This approach by extension educates the community on the sexual offences act giving everyone a sense of responsibility to ending sexual and gender based violence.


On 8th of March more than 300 women from Mathare, Mukuru and Kibera will converge at Kibera Open Grounds for the celebrations. Polycom being a girlchild centred organization will also invite girls from the partner schools to join in the celebration. There will be thematic entertainment by the women, there will also be speeches by teachers, community women leaders and a few service providers.


This event will bring to the grassroots women  Sustainable Development Project 11 on making Cities Inclusice, Safe, Resilience and Sustainable. This is very timely as the SDGs were launch less than one year ago.



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