Safety Promotion

The Talking Boxes Project

a) Talking boxes

Heart to heart sharing platform through anonymous notes to locked up boxes fixed in their schools. This has been the first step for the girls to open up on issues affecting them, sharing deeply and very painful secrets. This cumulates into speak out forums, direct interventions and even referals.

b) Goal Sessions

A community programme that uses the “goal cirriculum” to empower young girls by giving them the opportunityto empower young girls by giving them the opportunity to achieve their full potential of being better in the future for themselves and their fammilies.

The cirriculum addresses issues of personal, social and economic empowerment of adolescent girls from low income fammilies. Also seeks to increase the participants knowledge of key life skills they need to succed using both sport, training and education modules.

c)Sexual harassment Mapping

This is a new program introduced in september 2015 to help create awareness of the different kinds of sexual harassment that girls undergo and also to increase reporting of these incidences.

Reporting of the incidences is done on an online platform under the website which is accesible to everyone