The Urban Thinkers Campus in Kenya took place on October 15 and 16 2015 at UN-Habitat Headquarters in Nairobi under the theme The City We Need is Safe for Women and Girls. The meeting was organized by Polycom Development Project, an affiliate of the Huairou Commission, and supported by UN –Habitat’s Youth and Livelihood Unit.  Ms Christine Auclair provided an overview of the World Urban Campaign, outlined the nine principles of the City We Need and the intended key outcomes: documented recommendations on City We Need is Safe – how and why, requisite policy and legislation and urban solutions.

The meeting adopted this definition of Safe cities:  safe public spaces where women and girls can move freely, without fear on streets and work places. It includes access to water and sanitation, electricity, transportation and other public amenities at residences and in public locations; including gender sensitive policing mechanisms for reporting violence and obtaining redress such as having safe centers/shelters for survivors.

Constituent groups meetings facilitated in depth discussions which were debated during plenary and urban thinkers sessions. Models for reporting gender based violence and mobilizing women’s respond to safety issues were discussed.   Meeting results are captured in this report.

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